Art in a pendant: the best handmade gift for your mom

Hello friends!

In the past several weeks I’ve been working on adding color to my resin handmade pendants as well as  designing various wishing bottles that have real sand inside and resemble the ocean floor. I will be adding new work to my shop very soon! So please sign up to my VIP list today or favor my etsy shop at  to get notifications!

Every pendant is handmade and one-of-a kind. These pendants feature real seashells, starfish and seaweed “frozen” in resin. I plan on adding colorful ribbons and cords instead of the chains that will give yet another option to wear my beach jewelry.

Resin is a very durable material that looks like glass. I’m thrilled to see how a peace of the ocean can be frozen in a unique pendant!



Meanwhile, the Mother’s day is coming up and I invite you to take a 10% discount shopping for a truly unique gift for your mom.

And don’t forget to sign up to my mail list! There is always something special inside to find in my newsletter. I don’t spam and e-mail once a month.

seascape necklace sign up



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