Hi there!
veronica winters seascape necklaceAs an artist I find beauty all around me. I enjoy living in Naples, Florida where I’m fascinated with the warmth of the place, sparkling beaches, and the bubble gum sunsets. I find the ocean to be very healing and inspirational.

I aim my beach jewelry line to be an extension of this natural beauty,that reflects a sweet memory of the sun and your lovely splashes in water, inspires the best vacation, and creates a note of positive emotions.
So I’ve begun collecting seashells and experimenting with resin in my studio. What seems to look so simple and easy to make, I assure you is not.:) It’s a lot of trial and error to create one good piece. LOL But I strive to achieve the best quality I can, making this unique, fashion jewelry for girls, women, co-workers, moms, sisters and friends who also love to spend time outdoors, walking along the beach or swimming in its warm waters.

To be honest, I just fell in love with the idea that I could make a tiny keepsake of the beach in a necklace!
Seascape Necklace is the place to shop for nature’s one-of-a-kind beauty placed in a cute, little box!

Love it. Get it. Wear it. www.SeascapeNecklace.com

Yours, Veronica.


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